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Inflatables are an easy and inexpensive way of achieving your most adventurous fantasies to come true.

Pneumocells from serial production can be assembled in an almost infinite variety of ways to form structures such as exhibition stands, greenhouses, swimming-pool canopies, wall, ceiling and facade-systems, floatable constructions, mobile shelters, interior-designs, and many other applications.

The pneumocell is unique in combining the advantage of ultra-light pneumatic constructions with a reliable approved serial assembly kit. Furthermore it can be utilized for a variety of individual designs and applications.

There is no other comparable product on the market, and no comparable product has even been researched before.

Our profound knowledge and experience relating to inflatable objects and constructions enables us to design and/or manufacture special new products to your specific requirements

In our architectural office we can provide a full range of services such as consulting, designing, researching, and erecting pneumatic constructions. In addition we are able to provide these services in combination with conventional architecture and building design.

If you want to achieve a project that nobody has attempted or even thought about before, we are the right partner for you!

What has been unthinkable in past is possible now , and will come true in near future.

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